Celebrate Plastic Free July with Zero Waste Brand Bella Vida

Plastic Free July is here!

Being a Sustainable brand is important to us here at Bella Vida SB.  We have always been a zero waste brand and are always striving to be as close to Plastic Free as possible.

This Plastic Free July,  we are celebrating with a Sale on our Zero Waste Glass Water Bottles with BPA-free Lid in Rose Gold or Gold.  By using Glass, your water bottle is free from Toxins,  is easily recyclable and you are helping keep plastic water bottles out of Oceans and landfills.  

We are also excited to have one of the only Zero Waste Refill Program's in Luxury Natural Skincare.  Customers can Refill their original, full-sized bottles and jars of our Masks and Serums for 40-50% off the Original price!  By refilling our jars and bottles,  we are keeping them out of the Waste stream and cutting down on carbon emissions and water waste used when producing new containers.  This is our additional way to help our Customers become more eco-friendly and be Zero Waste but still have access to high-quality, Luxury Skincare.  

For more information on our Zero Waste Refill program,  read our post here: