Don't Give Up on your Dreams... Your Season is Coming!

Your Pineapple Season is Coming!  A friend of mine is a Business coach for women and she wrote this amazing post about being patient while the Universe and God work out your timing for your Dreams to come to fruition.  I loved it to much,  I asked her if I could share it, so here you are.  The whole post wouldn't post on my Instagram, but you can also read it on my Facebook.  Much love to Melanie Ann Layer her company, Alpha Femme (she did not pay me to say that, by the way...)

Pineapple Season is Coming!  Love, Erin

From Melanie Ann Layer:

"The lessons we are meant to learn will always find their way to us.

Through the path of least resistance in our lives...

When we live in alignment with our purpose, and our deepest desires.

When we learn to lead ourselves with love, curiosity and a willingness to listen...

Right where we least expect them... there they are!

They show up in a conversation with a stranger,

In a social media post,

They show up in the middle of nature...

When we are ready to hear, the messages come.

Here is something Hawai’i taught me:

Pineapples take 18 months to grow.

One pineapple per plant at a time...

Once it is ready to be picked, the same plant can produce a second pineapple, this one will take one year to grow.

Once the pineapple plant has birthed 2 pineapples, it is then uprooted and a new seed is planted in its place.

It takes longer to create a pineapple than a human baby!!! In fact... up to twice as long.

We often question the timing of the universe.

We even give up on our dreams because they don’t seem to come to fruition as fast as we believe they should.

But what if we chose to trust...

That everything in our life has a perfectly aligned harvest time,

That we cannot see what is growing in the crops beneath us...

But magic is happening.

That Mother Nature, God, the universe, they have heard us. They received the seed.

That the mindset we water our thoughts with, and the rays of sun and hope that warm our hearts and dreams are strengthening us, and aligning us with the people, the places and the circumstances we desire.

I believe the life we create is like an eco system, everything has a place and a purpose.

Some things regenerate quicker than others, some operate on a different “Timing”.

If you have been feeling worried, that your dreams aren’t manifesting as quickly as you desire, please remember that the fruits of your labor are on the way. You planted those seeds however long ago, and golden fruits with crowns are worth being patient for."

I wish you all Love, Peace and Blessings while you await your Dreams to Bloom and Harvest. 

Love and Light,  Erin Schmidt