Zero waste refill program to save the oceans from plastic pollution by Bella Vida SB Skincare


We just made it even easier to refill worldwide!  Instead of shipping your original jars and bottles back to us to get a refill, we will ship you a clean plastic pouch with a spout containing your refill product. This eliminates the carbon emissions of shipping your containers back to us, and the weight of the refill package will be much less. You can then ship the empty pouch back to us very cheaply when you want another refill! Stay tuned for these updates on the store!

You can get BIG discounts when you order refills for your Bella Vida bottles and jars.  

Our Refill Program is our additional effort to help protect our oceans and Mother Earth by not sending our containers to recycling or landfills and potentially harming the oceans if they end up there.  

For example, on our top-selling Pineapple Paradiso Mask, you get 40% OFF by refilling. The mask at regular price is $39.00, but you pay only $24.00 plus FREE SHIPPING when you order your refill.

For our Radiant Sunflower Serum, you get a big savings. The regular price is $140.00, but a refill of this luxurious serum is only $70.00.  You save 50%!  

Here is how the Refill Program works:

1.  Customer purchases one of our Face Masks, Cleanser or Serums at the regular price. 

2.  When the jar or bottle is empty and used up,  please wipe out remaining product and wash the container out if possible (being careful to protect the label).  

3.  Head to our page titled "REFILLS" under the Skincare tab  to purchase a refill and follow the instructions there. or Click this link here to order a refill:

OR if you are having difficulty, Please send an email to  or with the Subject "NEED A REFILL." Let us know which product(s) you want to refill, and we can walk you through how to purchase on the store front.

4.  We will ship you the refill bag with spout so that you can refill the original bottle or jar with the correct formula. Usually within 1-2 business days of receiving your order.

5.  When you are done with your refill, you can refill again by shipping the used pouch back to us to be filled back up! Zero Waste!

Thank you for being a friend to Mother Earth, bella!


Erin, Founder of Bella Vida SB