Today is the BEGINNING Of....

(Insert Amazing New Inspired Idea)!

Spring is a Time of Renewal, Growth & “Cleaning House”... literally and figuratively. 🌺 

What new thing have you been putting off this Winter? I always feel like In Winter, I tend to hibernate a bit. In the Spring, the Earth is renewed and comes back to life. 🌸 

We too need Seasons of Growth! 🌼 of pushing ourselves out of our “comfort Zone” and embracing change and uncertainty. .

For some, that might mean starting a new job or business. For others, it might mean taking better care of yourself, eating well 🥥, getting hydrated 🌊, taking long baths, walks on the 🏝 beach, doing yoga 🧘‍♀️, or meditating 🙏. .
For Me- I need to do all of the above more! 😂❤️ .

For some people though, It might mean something more... . 
Perhaps Today is: -the Beginning of Loving Myself.
Or - The Beginning of Not being Scared to Take a chance in life. 
Whatever it is for you- I am rooting for you to BEGIN! Starting is often the hardest part... so just Start. Be patient with yourself and know that No one is Perfect! ❤️😍😘 I would LOVE to hear what your Answer is- so please share!!❤️❤️❤️😘