Don't be afraid of losing people, be afraid of losing yourself.

Last Wednesday Wisdom, I reposted this quote from Refinery29. I feel this is so true for Women, especially.  

Women often put others needs ahead of their own, myself included... it is easy for us to forget we need self-care not as a Luxury, but as an essential. .
We sacrifice our health, self and often even our basic needs to be everything to everyone in our lives. 

We often do so out of love for our family, especially our children. However, we also tend to do so out of fear- fear of losing a job, a friend, a spouse, etc. 

We push ourselves to sacrifice our needs, but this can all have very harsh consequences in the long run. Our health can suffer, we may miss out on achieving our dreams and we may look back and wonder “Why?!” 

If this is you, I encourage you to take care. Take time for you and some self-care. .
I had to do this for myself last week as I was feeling burned out and exhausted. .
Now I’m refreshed and revitalized because I listened to my body. 

Take care and have a beautiful day, bella. 😘💖 You deserve it. XOXO