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Self-love is always in! What I love about starting my company is I get to share my Story and share in yours! 
Empowered women, Empower Women! My mission is to share in your journey and struggles, encourage and inspire you and also give (and get) support! 
In case we haven’t met... My name is Erin, I’m the Founder and CEO of Bella Vida SB. 
When you get a message- it’s from Me and not an intern or a bot.
I hope you will stick around and join the convo and community I’m so excited to create here. 
Bella Vida means “Beautiful Life”. It’s my passion to help everyone feel beautiful and love themselves. 
I am not perfect- and I have shared Honestly my struggles and Dreams... I hope to share in yours as well! 
Having a company is a big responsibility I don’t take lightly. 
I care deeply about my company’s impact on our customers, Animals and the environment. 
Most of all- I want to create a Company you will LOVE and be Proud to support. That is my Dream. .
Now tell me yours, beautiful... 

Love and Light, Erin, Founder 

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